What we offer
What we do
Grow your idea. Execute your plan. Get started faster.
As business executives we understand your challenges as entrepreneurs; as technology executives we can give you a Cloud Platform that gives you a head start. Our value add extends past money and mentoring:
Business Strategy
With our experience in the cloud solutions space, we help you to accomplish your cloud business goals. Our team can help you accelerate the completion of your vision, from a first prototype to the complete solution.
Cloud Technology
With Collios™ you have 75% of your solution already done thus gaining valuable time to market. Our Collios Shared Source™ license gives your company full access and co-ownership of the IP and its source code.
Financial Support
We only accept ventures that we truly believe in. That’s why we help to secure the funding needed to accelerate the project’s success. We invest from our own funds and syndicate with other investors from our network.
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